Setting Strategy

‘The Bigger Picture Thinking’ – What are you trying to achieve?

Non-Executive Director/Chairman – Independent View, Assist with implementation

The ‘Third Eye’/Eagle’s ViewReview of Current Position, Benchmarking, Annual Reviews

Helping you to understand the implications of BREXIT and beyond  

Management & Development

Financial/Management/Diversification/Market Research/Technical Advice/Training  

Bank reports/cashflows

Land & Asset Enhancement

Landlord & Tenant – Rent Reviews, Tenancies, Negotiations, Arbitration/Mediation

Planning/Land Opportunities – Opportunity Identification, Applications, Land Registry Matters

Valuation, Taxation & Compensation – Capital Taxes, Informal and Red Book Valuations

Probate matters

Green Money

Natural Capital and eco-system services

Renewable Energy


Land & Environment Schemes


Land management grants: SFI, CS, Woods

Capital grants: fencing, hedges, equipment, buildings

Private schemes

Conflict Avoidance & Advice

Advice to avoid conflict

Arbitration/Expert Witness/Expert Determination


Probate Matters

If you would like an independent confidential discussion on any of the above areas, or indeed any aspect of your business, please do contact us.

Helping your business to prosper